Beer News (Aug. 3–Sept. 10)

BWJlogoOK, it’s been awhile, so this is a fairly large installment of Beer News. As always, let’s start with a listicle. In a list concept that seemed totally forced, but that I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on, Thrillist has compiled the perfect beer for every NFL team. Somehow, the best beer for the Browns isn’t a brown ale. Uproxx has also compiled the best breweries in South Dakota. I’m from there — although currently living in Texas — and I hadn’t heard of some of these.

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Beer News (April 2–July 21)

BWJlogoOK, I haven’t posted an installment of Beer News in awhile, although I did comment on two big beer stories — a brewers yeast strain capable of producing morphine and IPA giving you man boobs  individually. So let’s start, as we frequently start, with a listicle — the best craft brewery in every state, according to Thrillist.

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Beer News (Feb 11–24)

BWJlogoThere were a lot of articles about beer and food this week, including an article on beef and beer in Belgium, pairing beer and bar snacks, pairing beer and chocolate, and finally, pairing beer and Girl Scout cookiesAnd in the same vein, the Cleveland Plain Dealer website gives seven things to know about attending a beer dinner.

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Beer News (Jan 8–21)

BWJlogoIf you’re reading this, odds are you enjoy beer. And it’s likely that your parents also enjoyed beer . . . or wine or spirits. In fact, it is possible that your ancestors have enjoyed alcohol for hundreds of thousands of generations. Recently, scientists discovered evidence that humans have been consuming alcohol for 10 million years, long before they understood how to control fermentations to produce alcoholic beverages. Here’s link to the original article.


What a Croc!

Ever go to a wedding reception, only to find out that the bar only has macrobrews? It could be worse, you could have ended up being poisoned by the beer. This happened in Mazambique where around 70 guests died after drinking beer that was supposedly tinged with crocodile bile. Although the poisoning was real, the idea that crocodile bile was the poison was questioned and later discarded as the culprit.

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Beer News (Nov 22–Dec 16)

BWJlogo‘Tis the season . . . for endless listicles (articles in the form of a list). Here are a few in the endless parade of listicles recommending holiday, winter, Hanukkah, or Christmas beers. From NewsTalk, the Minneapolis Star/Tribune, USA Today, Londonist, and . . . you know what. just Google “Christmas beers” or “winter beers” and click the news button and you’ll find plenty. And speaking of Christmas beers, Anchor is releasing its 40th anniversary Our Special Ale this year. And in non-holiday lists, Thrillist assembled a panel of experts to give their top 10 IPAs.

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Beer News (Sep 25–Oct 26)

BWJlogoHalloween is coming up, so let’s start with a listicle (an article in the form of the list) giving 13 Halloween beers. If you like fall beers, as long as they don’t contain pumpkin, here’s a list of 5 non-pumpkin beers to try. If you’re Australian, Gizmodo lists 5 Australian beers it thinks you should try. And, if you’d a taste of the US’s colonial past, here are 5 colonial-era cocktails to try, via Serious Eats.

And for the last of the listicles, here’s a list of 20 facts about working in a brewery.

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Beer News (Aug 5–26)

BWJlogoAs usual, let’s start with a “listicle” (an article in the form of a list). Here’s a list of fall beers. (And speaking of fall beers, if you’re looking for a pumpkin ale recipe, check out our Pumpkin Ale, by Mark Pasquinelli.) Here’s Thrillist’s ranking of US states according to their beer scene. And, here’s Paste’s confusingly titled “10 Irresponsible Shot/Beer Combinations.” They may wreck a good beer by dropping a shot in it, but the article never exlains why they are irresponsible. (The author also seems unclear about what a beer is, as a few of these involve a shot and Red Bull.) And finally, a useful list — if you are looking for employment in the brewing industry, here’s where the jobs are.

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Beer News (July 16–August 4)

BWJlogoOnce again, let’s start with a “listicle” (an article in the form of a list). Here, Deadspin ranks the beers of the Beer Camp 12-pack

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Beer News (June 16–July 15)

BWJlogoOK, news has been slow recently and I haven’t compiled a Beer News post in awhile. So, let’s start off with a listicle of summer seasonal beers, from Thrillist. And here’s Uproxx’s opinion on the five best beer festivals, or perhaps the only five fests the author has attended. And, while you’re drinking summer beer, you can pour it in your own UV protecting beer glass.

If you think the IPA craze has run its course, think again. Now, there’s an IPA smoked with sheep dung. Who knows, it might taste good paired with some insects.


Sour Beer News

Fans of sour beer all know that Cantillon is the bomb. And now, appropriately, it is going to be aged in a bomb shelter. And, New Glarus has some new sours aged in its own special cave.

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Beer News (June 9–15)

BWJlogoOK, let’s start with a couple listicles from the southern US. Texas Monthly suggests 8 things to drink in the summer and Travel Pulse discusses beer drinking destinations in the south.

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to deliver a short rant. Normally, I take a “just the facts” approach to Beer and Wine Journal articles. Opinions are fine, everyone has them, but the facts are much more interesting and are actually worth reading. It takes time and energy to uncover facts, and therefore they have value. In contrast, it takes no time to develop an opinion and hence they are worthless . . . but they might have some entertainment value. So, with that in mind, enjoy my rant (or skip it) and I will return to explaining the nuts and bolts of brewing beer in my next post.

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