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BWJlogoHalloween is coming up, so let’s start with a listicle (an article in the form of the list) giving 13 Halloween beers. If you like fall beers, as long as they don’t contain pumpkin, here’s a list of 5 non-pumpkin beers to try. If you’re Australian, Gizmodo lists 5 Australian beers it thinks you should try. And, if you’d a taste of the US’s colonial past, here are 5 colonial-era cocktails to try, via Serious Eats.

And for the last of the listicles, here’s a list of 20 facts about working in a brewery.

English Beer Scene

In the United Kingdom, sales of export microbrews are up, and a new book celebrates the craft brew boom in northern England. Two hundred years ago, things were booming too, or maybe bursting is a better word. We just passed the 200th anniversary of the London Beer Flood on October 17. (Here’s another article about that.)


Irish Beer Scene

An unexpected tax break is going to help the craft brew industry in Ireland. And meanwhile, Guinness is releasing its most upscale beer to date. And if you’re a fan of Guinness, here are some historic pics of their brewery.


Scandinavian Beer Scene

Iceland’s beer scene is also gaining some traction. Here’s an interview with the brewer from the third largest microbrewery there.  Across the Norwegian Sea, a brewery in Finland has recreated a historic brew found in a shipwreck from 1842.


Taiwan Beer Scene

Apparently, Taiwan — not previously noted for its beer culture — has a craft beer scene . . . and hipsters.


Stone News

Stone has apparently found its East Coast site and Fortune comments on its crowdsourcing efforts.


Chang/Oliver Spat

Chef David Chang and Brooklyn Brewmaster Garret Oliver got into it after Chang posted a belligerent, braindead article praising the merits of cheap beer in GQ. Oliver shot back with a pithy response and the whole hubub attracted some attention in the press. Perhaps Chang could have benefited from this chart, which purports to show people how to be a beer snob. (Most homebrewers would probably agree that the chart misses the mark, although not as widely as Chang did. Wanting your beer to actually taste good and — heaven forfend — enjoying discussing beer in a knowledgeable way doesn’t make you a snob.)


I Felt a Great Disturbance in the Force . . . Send the Lawyers

Empire Brewing is in trouble with LucasFilms (or Star Wars fame) for their beer they call Strikes Bock. And in Massachusetts, one of the founders of Pretty Things accused other local breweries of paying bars to carry their taps, which is illegal (but rarely investigated).


How Boozy . . . or Chocolate-y?

The classily named Drunkspin Daily weighs in on just how boozy your beer should be. (For the record, I like mine just boozy enough.) And finally, a brewery in Colorado bought out the towns supply of Count Chocula, which is now a seasonal cereal, to brew with.




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