Beer News (Aug 27–Sept 24)

BWJlogoAs usual, let’s start with some “listicles,” articles in the form of a list. Recently, GQ listed the best 50 craft beers as picked by experts. Who these mysterious experts were, they didn’t say. Next, here’s a beer list — 5 non-pumpkin beers for fall. The internet is filled with best beer lists, but this is the first list I’ve ever seen that collects beers that will activate your gag reflex. (I’ve actually tried the Belgian mustard beer and was pretty good. Interesting, but good.) Next, here is a list of 6 ways to incorporate beer into your desserts. And speaking of adding beer to things, Starbucks is testing a stout-flavored coffee.


It’s time for Oktobertfest, and multiple news sources have commented on this. (For example, here’s coverage from The Atlantic and NBC News.) An internet search for “Oktoberfest” and your town should let you know what’s going on in your neck of the woods.


Do Svidaniya, Pabst

Pabst and a bunch of other US beer brands have been sold to a Russian company, sparking a lot of commentary. And, some very large beer mergers may be in the future.


Bacteria and Beer

Vicotry is teeming with a startup biology company to develop a rapid bacteria test.


Beethoven and Beer

In Greenville, North Carolina, Bach, Beethoven, and beer will be featured at the Oktoberfest convert series. In other beer and music news, country artist Robert Earl Keen is teaming up with Texas brewery Pedernales Brewing to release his signature beer.


Judge a Beer by its Can

Somehow, this proposed set of beer cans, based on Pantone color descriptions, showed up on the social media of beer fans.


Homebrew Altruism

Finally, does being a homebrewer mean you are a good person. Yes. Yes, it does.

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