Beer News (Feb 11–24)

BWJlogoThere were a lot of articles about beer and food this week, including an article on beef and beer in Belgium, pairing beer and bar snacks, pairing beer and chocolate, and finally, pairing beer and Girl Scout cookiesAnd in the same vein, the Cleveland Plain Dealer website gives seven things to know about attending a beer dinner.

Lagers Looming?

Are lagers the next trend? The author of this article thinks so and an Australian web site predicts this might be the year of the lager.


IPA. Ever Heard Of It?

Is IPA dead? Of course it isn’t — as this article points out — but that doesn’t stop this author from asking the question. In other news, a brewery in Idaho redefines IPA —sort of — with their release of an Idaho potato ale. And, here’s a video of the brewer from Summit brewing a double IPA.



Rye ales are gaining in popularity.


Beer Meetings

New Belgium hosted a sour beer symposium and the Master Brewers Association of America (MBAA) announce their 2015 meeting.


Big Brewer News

Sam Calagione discusses Budweiser’s purchases of craft brewers. And in other news from the “big guys,” Miller is about to release a beer with nutritional labeling.



Geophysicists explore the beer caves of Cedar Rapids, Iowa remotely. And, a brewery in Papua New Guinea packed their beer in a box printed with mosquito repellent ink. Burn the box in your campfire and keep the mosquitoes away when you enjoy a beer outside.



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