Beer News (June 16–July 15)

BWJlogoOK, news has been slow recently and I haven’t compiled a Beer News post in awhile. So, let’s start off with a listicle of summer seasonal beers, from Thrillist. And here’s Uproxx’s opinion on the five best beer festivals, or perhaps the only five fests the author has attended. And, while you’re drinking summer beer, you can pour it in your own UV protecting beer glass.

If you think the IPA craze has run its course, think again. Now, there’s an IPA smoked with sheep dung. Who knows, it might taste good paired with some insects.


Sour Beer News

Fans of sour beer all know that Cantillon is the bomb. And now, appropriately, it is going to be aged in a bomb shelter. And, New Glarus has some new sours aged in its own special cave.

More Breweries, Less Brew

In the US, the number of breweries is up, but overall consumption is down. And, here’s how the US ranks in terms of global beer consumption. 


Harpoon and Hamm’s

Harpoon is about to become employee owned. And an old Hamm’s plant is about to see new life.


The Big Boys

So, AB-InBev and MillerCoors are are duking it out over who has the smoothest pouring can. Because that’s what’s really important, apparently. Yet, there are still rumors of a merger. However, this author doesn’t think it will happen. If they do merge, they will likely be a huge, but shrinking, company as light beer sales continue to trend downwards. You know what they say about the beer business. What does it take to make a small fortune in brewing? A large fortune. The Stroh family proved that.



The Netherlands is seeing a lot of new breweries open. Homebrewers get some press in Australia. ODell gives some money to Colorado State for a fermentation science program. There’s a new book about the science of booze.


Idiotic Beer Opinion of the Week 

As we’ve seen repeatedly, the media rarely takes covering beer seriously. Here’s the latest outing from an out of touch writer on the subject of craft beer.


These Breweries Stink

A foul odor forced the closing of the old Latrobe plant. Something in the air at Oskar Blues sent several people to the hospital. On the plus side, at least they weren’t shut down because of rats. This brewery was. (I’m sure they’ll all get their stench and vermin related problems sorted out shortly.)


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