Beer News (Aug. 3–Sept. 10)

BWJlogoOK, it’s been awhile, so this is a fairly large installment of Beer News. As always, let’s start with a listicle. In a list concept that seemed totally forced, but that I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on, Thrillist has compiled the perfect beer for every NFL team. Somehow, the best beer for the Browns isn’t a brown ale. Uproxx has also compiled the best breweries in South Dakota. I’m from there — although currently living in Texas — and I hadn’t heard of some of these.

Vegemite and Something Almost As Bad As Vegemite

In some parts of Australia, Vegemite was banned, but not for the reason it should be. Instead some politician thought it could somehow be used in the production of fermented beverages. (Brown ale, maybe.) In further news from down under, a researcher has found out why some batches of beer don’t ferment properly. And rounding out the Australian news is a pub that has brewed beer containing deer semen. Would you try beer with either Vegemite or deer semen in it? Me neither. That’s just gross. (I mean, honestly, Vegemite? I’d rather have a Cleveland brown ale.)

F Ebay

Tomme Arthur expresses his opinion about eBay’s policy regarding the selling of beer on their site. Hint, he’s not for it and uses a very popular word that starts with “f” to make his point.

Fortunate Articles

Fortune has been publishing a fair amount of beer related news recently, including this story on whether Sam Adams is too big to succeed in the world of craft beer, and a new beer branded with Wheaties (the breakfast cereal).

Yeast Makes Opiates

As I reported earlier, scientists had made all the advances needed to let brewers yeast produce morphine. All they needed to do was combine them into one yeast strain. Well, now they’ve done that. And of course stories covering this mention homebrewing.

The Next IPA

IPAs continue to gain in popularity, but are there any other styles that could break out soon? The chief economist for the Brewers Association (the BA has a chief economist?) examines other styles that are gaining ground.

Bring Out Your Dead!

Another article about the impending death of craft beer.


In the US, the BA has defined craft beer. In the UK, another organization is attempting to define “craft beer” for beer drinkers across the pond. (My take on “craft beer.”)

Would You Drink This?

In Boston, they love that dirty water. So much so that Harpoon is brewing a pale ale with water from the Charles River. It’s treated, but still. Also, it’s that time of year again — time for pumpkin ales, and commentary about pumpkin ales

Wild Brews

A researcher at NC State samples wild yeast strains and tests their ability to make beer.


Miller Coors has acquired St. Archer brewing. However, the deal everyone in craft beer is talking about today is Heineken taking a 50% position in Lagunitas. Yes, that Lagunitas. The one that raged against “corporate brewing” for all these years. This has spawned commentatry pieces in Esquire, All About Beer, and Slate.

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