Beer News (July 23–August 3)

BWJlogoAlright, as always, let’s kick this off with a “listicle” (an article in the form of a list) or two. HuffPo lists the 10 Best Brewery Tours, in their estimation, and The Street gives 10 Cities Where Craft Beer is Taking Off


Beer and Nuclear Power

As the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approaches, an English brewery (Cumbrian) is releasing a beer called Nuclear Sunset to commemorate the anniversary and advocate for the peaceful use of nuclear power. In other nuclear power related beer news — I never thought I’d be typing those words — Japanese officials are encouraging brewers in the prefecture of the Fukushima nuclear plant to brew buckwheat beers to stimulate the local economy. That area is Japan’s largest buckwheat producing region.

Craft Beer Continues to Rise

Despite the profusion of predictions of “the end of craft beer,” the craft beer segment continues to rise. However, as the Wall Street Journal points out, craft beer is gaining an ever-growing slice of a shrinking pie. In other craft beer news, CNBC describes the early years of one of the first breweries that helped ignite the craft beer boom, Anchor

Arthropods, Petroleum, and Lions . . . Oh My!

A Maine brewer is releasing a lobster beer. Scientists from North Carolina believe that yeast strains sampled from wasps and other insects could be the next thing in brewing, providing new flavors that existing brewers yeast strains can’t make. Beer with weird ingredients in it is nothing new, but now beer is going to be used in some gasolines. And speaking a beer with weird ingredients in it, a Minnesota brewery plans to alter their brewhouse to brew all sorts of crazy stuff. And finally, no lions were harmed in the making of this beer. A British brewery has brewed a beer commemorating Cecil the Lion.

Red Stripe . . . it’s Jamaican for Latrobe

In yet another case of a lawsuit over the provenance of a beer, two people are suing Red Stripe because it’s brewed in Pennsylvania. Hooray, litigation! 

Chinese Distiller Putting Viagra in Booze

This isn’t beer (or wine), but may be of interest. The Chinese producer of Kungfu Alcohol was found putting the active ingredients of Viagra and Cialis in his spirits

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