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BWJlogo‘Tis the season . . . for endless listicles (articles in the form of a list). Here are a few in the endless parade of listicles recommending holiday, winter, Hanukkah, or Christmas beers. From NewsTalk, the Minneapolis Star/Tribune, USA Today, Londonist, and . . . you know what. just Google “Christmas beers” or “winter beers” and click the news button and you’ll find plenty. And speaking of Christmas beers, Anchor is releasing its 40th anniversary Our Special Ale this year. And in non-holiday lists, Thrillist assembled a panel of experts to give their top 10 IPAs.


Don’t Try This At Home

Here’s a Reddit article about how a homebrewer poisoned himself trying to brew a pine beer. If you don’t have any experience with harvesting wild plants (or mushrooms), don’t add them to your beer.


Trinity Brewing

Trinity Brewing won a medal recently at a sour beer festival. Did they proudly hang it on their wall? No, they returned it and in doing so caused a mini-furor in the sour community. Here’s one article relating to that. Later that week, their brewer caused even more of an uproar when he badmouthed local residents after coming in third in a barrel-aged beer poll. He later apologized.



Michigan just passed legislation insuring that pubs selling pints of beer actually serve a full pint


NPR had a story on increasing popularity of session beers.


On a humorous note, Against the Grain brewery upped the ante when some craft beer fans expressed dislike for one of their labels. I don’t turn down many beers, but I thinkI’d pass on that one.


Time magazine declared that craft beer wasn’t cool anymore, since it would soon be available for Delta flight.


Ever wonder why it can be almost impossible to find special, single release beers or highly sought after seasonals? It’s because “beer mules” are buying them all to trade or resell for a profit.



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