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BWJlogoOK, let’s start with some listicles (articles in the form of a list). Thrillist gives their 15 beers to drink this winter and Paste lists their 15 best Christmas beers. And, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gives their 9 beers to put you in the holiday spirit


Roll Out 10-Barrels

Anheuser Busch Inbev is set to acquire Portland’s 10-Barrel brewery, and this threw some craft brew enthusiasts into a tizzy. And once again, it gave some beer writers an excuse to write about craft and “crafty” beers.


Pay to Play

In Massachusetts, the state is investigating allegations of illegal “pay to play” arrangements between breweries and bar owners. The controversy is causing some legislators to call for stricter regulations in the beer industry.


Nitro and Pros

Left Hand Brewing originally tried to trademark the word “Nitro,” but then backed off. Here’s yet another article on what it takes to go proHere’s how one guy used his knowledge of neuroscience to get into brewing. And if you do want to get into brewing, chances are you are male. (We need more alewives, ladies.)


It’s Not Miller Time

They own a lot of brands, but SABMiller is looking to land a global brand of beer. In contrast, New Glarus is not looking to launch a global beer brand.


Excess Drinking not Alcoholism

According to the CDC, excessive drinking does not necessarily make someone an alcoholic. Be sure to check out the name of the author of the CDC study.


Tibetan Barley Mountain High

Before the introduction of cold-resistant barley to Tibet, Tibetans stuck to the lowlands. Barley “raised the roof” on civilization.


Whil Wheaton Newcastle Ads

Wil Wheaton is doing ads for Newcastle in which he mentions homebrewing.


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