Beer News (Aug 5–26)

BWJlogoAs usual, let’s start with a “listicle” (an article in the form of a list). Here’s a list of fall beers. (And speaking of fall beers, if you’re looking for a pumpkin ale recipe, check out our Pumpkin Ale, by Mark Pasquinelli.) Here’s Thrillist’s ranking of US states according to their beer scene. And, here’s Paste’s confusingly titled “10 Irresponsible Shot/Beer Combinations.” They may wreck a good beer by dropping a shot in it, but the article never exlains why they are irresponsible. (The author also seems unclear about what a beer is, as a few of these involve a shot and Red Bull.) And finally, a useful list — if you are looking for employment in the brewing industry, here’s where the jobs are.


Digging In the Dirt

The New York Post tells the story of a beer recreated from a bottle found at an archaeological dig in Chinatown. A 150-year old beer cave is discovered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (In other Cedar Rapids beer news, read about the beer riots that occurred there in 1884.) From the old, but not quite “archaeology old” file, Drewery’s beer is retuning.In addition, Pabst is bringing back Ballantine’s.


Containers and Labels

If you like backpacking, you can now buy reconstituted beer in the foil pouches that shots of rehydration gel come in. (Why not fill them with real beer?) At a brewpub in Sacramento, California, you can also get foil pouch growlers. You can also get beer in a container that claims to be recyclable, but isn’t. And finally, Westvleteren still comes in bottles, but they may soon have to start labeling their beer. Speaking of labels, did you know one guy basically controls what can go on beer labels in the US?


Water, Water, Nowhere

More on California’s drought and its potential impact on the brewing industry.


Silly Beer News

An Austin, Texas brewery is releasing it’s pale ale in a 99-pack. Austin Beerwork’s 99-pack will sell for $99. A nice price, and a humorous gimmick, but only 20 will be made (at least initially). Just up the road in Houston, a brewpub lost its lease for holding a naked twister party.


Downright Dumb Beer News

As you no-doubt know, sometimes beer reporting in the popular press sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. This week, I ran into the worst beer article I’ve read since the “Food Babe” atrocity.



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  1. For those of you looking for “responsible” (sigh) pairings of whisky with beer, check out these posts from my pals back in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, whenever I try to order a half pint in the States, I get dirty looks, but they’re still worth a read, and you can get the Old Engine Oil in the US.

  2. Herb Meowing says

    The early 70’s Ballantine IPA was de-lish. Looking forward to its re-birth and hoping it’s a hoppy as it was back in the day when the only craft beers available generally were Heineken, Becks, Labatt, and Carlsberg.

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