Beer News (July 16–August 4)

BWJlogoOnce again, let’s start with a “listicle” (an article in the form of a list). Here, Deadspin ranks the beers of the Beer Camp 12-pack



Gizmodo published a story on malt and its uses in beer and malt whiskey.



A look at the hops industry and (what the article calls) the hops hobby. And the LA Times discovers the hop aroma wheel.



Popular mechanics explores the potential benefits of making beer from GMO yeast.



Full Sail, like many breweries, is trying to use less water these days. Thanks to the drought, some California breweries may not have a choice.


Fruit Beers

The LA Times write an article on fruit beers “that are not the pits.” (I get it.) My hometown paper also ran its own story on fruit beers. And finally, Slate adds the clickbait-y angle of making fruit beers a guy/girl thing.


Craft Beer Sinking or Soaring?

Bon Appetit says there are too many craft beers. On the other hand, sales are up. And the WSJ maintains that the big craft brewers are “keeping it real.” “Crafty” beers aren’t doing so well, however.


US Beer In Europe

As you have probably heard, Stone is expanding into Germany. (See my interview with Mitch Steele for Stone’s plans for their Berlin brewery.) They are not, however, opening a brewery in South Carolina. The way Stone introduced itself to German beer drinkers raised some eyebrows. But apparently Europeans are warming to US beers. And here in the US, New Belgium’s Asheville brewery is under construction.


Exploding Swill

Finally, what could be better than a beer that labels itself Swill? An exploding beer that labels itself Swill.



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