Beer News (Jan 8–21)

BWJlogoIf you’re reading this, odds are you enjoy beer. And it’s likely that your parents also enjoyed beer . . . or wine or spirits. In fact, it is possible that your ancestors have enjoyed alcohol for hundreds of thousands of generations. Recently, scientists discovered evidence that humans have been consuming alcohol for 10 million years, long before they understood how to control fermentations to produce alcoholic beverages. Here’s link to the original article.


What a Croc!

Ever go to a wedding reception, only to find out that the bar only has macrobrews? It could be worse, you could have ended up being poisoned by the beer. This happened in Mazambique where around 70 guests died after drinking beer that was supposedly tinged with crocodile bile. Although the poisoning was real, the idea that crocodile bile was the poison was questioned and later discarded as the culprit.

A Beer with Balls

An Icelandic brewery has drawn a variety of reactions by releasing a beer brewed with whale testicles smoked over sheep dung. Environmentalists question whether endangered whale meat should be used at all while others poked fun at the beer as an attempt to draw attention to themselves.


A Beer with Oysters

It’s not that there aren’t traditional beers brewed with animal parts. Although oyster stout is usually a stout that tastes good with oysters, a few oyster stouts are brewed with actual oysters.


Brews Without Gluten

For celiac sufferers, Stone has released a gluten-free beer. It’s made using White Labs Clarity Ferm. Coors is also releasing a gluten-free beer.


Tempest in a “P” Font

Lagunitas was set to sue Sierra Nevada over their new hop oil IPA. According to them, the size, font, and kerning of Sierra Nevada’s “IPA” violated their copyright. Owner Tony Magee even took to Twitter to defend his case. Later, after a backlash from craft brew fans, he relented. And, Stone made light of the whole issue with a funny label.


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