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Beer and Wine Journal has been around for just over 3 months now. We launched on June 24th (with backdated articles stretching back to June 17th) and have posted updates daily since then. If you’ve just found us, here’s a roundup of the articles we’ve published through September 30. Individual recipes can be found on our recipe page and beer style articles on our beer styles page (posted yesterday). If there’s something you’d like to see us cover, drop us a line. (We’ve got a request to cover some ingredients — malt types, hop varieties and yeast strains — individually, and we definitely plan on that.) This index will become a page on Beer and Wine Journal and we’ll update it each quarter.

Brewed For Thought

Can CO2 Form a Blanket? — long story short, under brewing conditions, yes

Three CO2 Thought Experiments 

Lake Nyos — The Carbonated Lake 

Beer for Inspiration

It’s Not “Infected”  — . . . but it may be contaminated

It’s Duff O’Clock Somewhere

Fully Legal! — you can still rock in America (and now you can brew anywhere, legally)

5 Steps to Becoming a Terrible Brewer — bad advice

Barley Legal Aeration Experiment

Bitter Speculation

On Sour Beers and Sanitation — don’t fear the reaper

Fossil Cove Mash Experiment — James’ homebrew gets brew commericially

Sour Success at Fossil Cove

Fossil Cove Video

Worst. Article. Ever. — don’t read it

The Globalization of Beer Styles — this one isn’t so hot, either

Five Years of Legality in Utah 

Lessons Learned (by Jason Swalley) — thoughts from a brewer who’s just begun his journey

Pumpkin Fermenters

Get Fired Up!

IPA Experiment  — brewing! science!! brewing science!!!



Hops — Alphas and Oils  — if you’re holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Sunflower Ale — made with malted sunflowers

Starchy Adjuncts and Sweet Potato ESB

Dry Hops and Dry Ice — avoid oxidation when you dry hop

Harvesting Arkansas Cascades

Which Hop Utilization Curve is the Most Accurate? —

High Temperature Yeast Strains (by Forrest Whitesides) — strains to use when the heat is on

Use Those Homegrown Hops! — ignore the naysayers

Pumpkin Ale (by Mark Pasquinelli) — a seasonal classic



Molasses Ale and Candied Bacon Pizza

The Fried Chicken Conundrum

Beer-Brined Fried Chicken — the fried chicken solution

Beer, Birds and BBQ — w/ smoked turkey recipe



Staggered Nutrient Additions

Potassium and pH in Mead

Dive Into Mead Making — get started making mead, w/ cherry melomel recipe

Old School Mead Recipe — Swedish Viking metal band approved



Summer Brewing Tips – the summer wind/came blowin’ in

Competitive Brewing Logistics

Smoking Malt At Home

Split Batches: One Brewday, Two Beers — get two beers for the price of one

Quickly Maturing Ale — grain to glass in 7 days, w/ recipe

Simple Yeast Starter

Measuring Tiny Amounts 

Ten Tips for Better Yeast Starters — better yeast starters = better beer

Skim the Scum? — maybe?

Plan For Brewing Success — don’t leave it to chance

Residual CO2 and Priming Sugar — with charts of residual CO2 and CO2 generated by priming sugar


Techniques (All-grain)

Malt Conditioning — get bigger husks and smaller grits when you mill

What Temperature Should Your Sparge Water Be? — you’d think this would be a number, wouldn’t you?

A Mash-In Option — hit your target mash temperature easily

Simple 3-Gallon All-Grain Brewing — an easy way to brew all-grain on your stovetop

Extract Efficiency Tradeoffs 

Reiterated Mashing (Theory and Planning) — mash your malt with wort instead of water

Reiterated Mashing (Practical Advice)

Reader Feedback 

Drain Your Lauter Tun — save water by collecting every last drop of wort

Brew in a Bag (BIAB) Basics — get started with the easiest method of all-grain brewing; all hot-side brewing done in one vessel

Malt Sieves — assess your mill’s output


Techniques (Extract)

Add Base Malts to Your Extract Beer — improve your extract beer formulations

5 Tips for Extract Brewers

Water Treatment for Extract Brewers


Techniques (Boiling and Cooling)

Handling Sugar Additions in the Kettle — avoid scorching

The Easy Way to Hit the Proper Boil pH — simple and effective

Wort Chilling and the Danger Zone


Techniques (Fermentation)

Wet T-shirt Cooling in Depth 

Stuck Fermentations I

Stuck Fermentations II

Five Tips for Fermenting Big Beers

5 More Big Beer Fermentation Tips

Aeration Tips — simple but effective options for more thorough aeration



Judging Wine Judges

Why Make Wine Kits? (by Rich Weaver)

Why Grapes? — and how to make other fruits into wine

Cherry Berry Wine 

First Racking of Fruit Wine

Tweaking a Wine Kit — the smart way to make alterations


Places or Events

A Whirlwind Beer Tour of Philly — James in Philadelphia

Philly Beer Tour, Part Two 

Thoughts About Club Night — James at NHC 2013

Sioux Falls Beer Scene

Core Brewing Expands 

What’s Brewing? 

2013 ZEALOTS Inquisition and Picnic — beer and chicken (and sunburn)

Breweries Survive Colorado Flooding 

Speak Your Mind