Beer Styles

Here is an index to beer style articles in Beer and Wine Journal. If you go to the first article in a series, you can read through all the installments by following links within the articles. Links to example recipes are also given within the stories. 


American Hoppy Ales (American pale ales, American IPAs and double IPAs)

IntroductionChloride to Sulfate RatiosTwo Quick Water Guides — including a “recipe” for IPA brewing liquor starting with distilled water, Malts and Grain BillExtract Wort ProductionAll-Grain Wort Production Common Hop Varieties — including chart of commonly used hops in American pale ales and IPAs, Hops Added In The Boil Hopping Outside the Boil Hop Amounts — including chart of recommended hopping amounts for APAs, IPAs and dIPAs, and Fermentation

Example recipes — APA = Patrick Henry Ale (5.3% ABV), IPA = Roswell IPA (7.1% ABV), double IPA = Stone Double Dry Hopped Ruination IPA clone (8.2% ABV)


Dry Stout

Intro and WaterMalts and Mashing (plus link to example recipe), and Hops and Boiling

Example recipe — The Cure from Cork, (4.1% ABV)


German Wheat Beer (Hefe-weizen)

Intro and WaterGrainsMashing and the Ferulic Acid RestBoiling and FermentationYeast Strains and the POF GeneWheat Beer Chemistry — a supplementary look at the chemistry of some molecules related to wheat beers, and Bottle Conditioning 

Example recipes — Klinkerweizen (5.1% ABV, extract), Klinkerweizen (5.1% ABV, all-grain)


Golden Ale

Intro and WaterMalts and Mashing, and Boiling and Beyond

Example recipes“Freya’s” Eyes (5.2% ABV, 29 IBU, all-grain) and “Freya’s” Eyes (5.2% ABV, 29 IBU, extract)



Intro and Water, Dark Grains, Ingredients, Dark Grains in the Brewhouse, Specialty Porter (I), and Specialty Porter(II)

Example recipeColby House Porter


Winter Warmer

Brewing the Base BeerSpicing Your Winter Warmer

Example recipe — Fimbulvinter Øl (9.0% ABV)