Beer News (April 14–20)

BWJlogoOnce again, we’ll start with a listicle ‚ 23 things homebrewers are tired of hearing, from Buzzfeed. And here are the NHC first round winners. (I was lucky enough to judge some of these beers at the Austin regionals.) And speaking of beer contests, here’s a behind the scenes look at judging for the World Beer Cup.


Good News for Moos and Misc.

After a proposed rule change that would prevent breweries from giving their spent grains to farmers, the FDA backs down. The story is told here and here. (See the Beer News from earlier in March the original story.) Inspired by Austin’s Black Stap Coo-op, a co-op brewery is planned for Vermont. Trappists aren’t the only monks who brew, as evidenced by this brewery in the desert of New Mexico. Session IPAs are increasingly getting press. (See our article on session IPAs for how to brew one.) According to this news report, Albuquerque is the best “unexpected beer city.” I didn’t expect that.


Now and Then

The Atlantic runs down the state of American beer, as they see it. Gizmodo surveys recent changes in the English beer scene. An Oregon paper gives some Oregon beer history. A Danish museum serves a beer based on the beer residue found in the grave of the Egtved girl.


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