Beer News (March 24 –March 30)


Sunday’s beer news, delivered Monday morning.

Remember that recent BWJ article in which I discussed using dried, neutral ale yeast to hit your cell count when you didn’t have time to make a starter? Well, some confirmation that co-fermentation works with two of the strains I mentioned comes from a new product from White Labs — a blend of WLP001 (their neutral ale yeast) and WLP002 (their most popular English yeast).

In other news, a brewery is brewing a beer using American hops. So what, you say? Tons of breweries do this. Not exactly. What we think of as “American” hops — Cascade, Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe, etc. — are varieties derived from European hops (Humulus lupulus lupulus). They were bred in the US, but from varieties that trace back to European stock. The Crazy Mountain Brewrey has made beer from hops of the subspecies Humulus lupulus neomexicanus, a native of North America.

Whole Brews?

A new brewery opening in Austin, Texas isn’t exactly news these days. It happens once a month, seemingly. But this one might be worth mentioning — Whole Foods (the grocery store) is planning on opening a brewery. Among breweries already open, Full Sail was deemed craft brewer of the year, by Beverage World magazine.


Klingon Hipsters?

Craft brew enthusiasts who are Star Trek fan will likely be interested in the new Star Trek Warnog beer being released.


Bro Ha Ha

So apparently, “gypsy brewer” Mikkeller has a brother and they don’t get along. Grab a bottle of Bourbon Barrel Aged Habanero Civet-Crap Coffee Stout and enjoy the feud.


Big Guys Small Guys

OK, so not everybody see the world as homebrewers do. For example, here’s an article claiming that craft beer lovers should appreciate the big guys because they don’t use very much water. Although most craft beer enthusiasts can appreciate the attempts of the mega-breweries to be more green, the fact that they don’t use much malt or hops is likely to be a continued sticking point. Here’s another article claiming that craft brewers market their beer irresponsibly.


FDA Tries to Fix What Ain’t Broke

Remember all the problems that arose from breweries giving free spent grain to farmers? No? Well, neither do brewers or farmers. It was a great arrangement for both. As such, both are disappointed at a recent proposed FDA rule change that would make it difficult for brewers to give their spent grain to farmers. The Brewers Association has responded to the proposed rule change. The text of the FDA proposed rule can be found here.


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