Beer News (March17–March 23)

BWJlogoSpring has sprung and listicles are in bloom. Here’s one purporting to tell you the most refreshing beers of spring. If you’re in the mood for sour beers, here’s a list of the best new sour beers, according to the person compiling the list. And finally, if you’re in Texas, here’s a list that purports to divulge the best Texas craft breweries.


The word “Märzen” means March, in German. Fittingly, here’s a story on Märzens. An amazing, well-researched story on Märzens that will teach us more about the style and appreciate it better? No! A story on Märzens. 


In England, New Rains, Old Beers, and Bit of Advice

First the bad news, floods in England will likely affect the production of English cider this year. In the good news pile, archaeologists find an ancient beer at a church. And, are you interested in buying a brewery? The BBC has some advice for you.


Go(a)t Brains?

Fans on the Walking Dead can soon enjoy a beer brewed with goat brains. Here’s another article, with a picture of the label.


No Brains

Thanks to a legislative snafu, the Southern California Homebrew Festival has been cancelled. Who said politicians never get things done?


And finally, this Austin brewery has gone to the dogs






  1. Chris Storey says

    Spring isn’t here in Canada yet. 5 F here now. 4 foot snow banks, but down from 10. That won’t stop me from brewing next week though. 2 batches back to back and I don’t care what the weather is. I haven’t brewed since Feb. 26, got the itch.

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