Beer News (March 10-March 16)

BWJlogoOK, I usually start the beer news roundup with a listicle, and — as you might expect — this week there were plenty of them. Every media outlet in the world seemingly wanted to publish a St. Patrick’s Day beer list. I decided to skip them, because you can just search for “St. Patrick’s Day” and check the endless news results. Also, I suspect that homebrewers more than anyone know what beers they’d like to drink on this holiday.

Instead of the “what to drink” list, I’ll link to some articles about “green” beer. Not beer that’s green in color, but beer made by breweries with a commitment to protecting the environment. Here’s an article about “green” breweries in general, and here’s one about breweries that use biodiesel. On St. Patrick’s Day, you may be drinking a stout was by pushed by nitrogen. However, nitro beers are popping up everywhere, so you’ve got more choices than ever.

Many homebrewer’s entertain the idea of someday opening a commercial brewery. Here’s an article that explains the realities of adventure.

The website Epic Curiosity published an article on the history of women in brewing. Not only were women traditionally the brewers in society, more women are entering the craft beer realm.

Here at Beer and Wine Journal, I do occasionally link to a wine article. Here’s one I found interesting about premature aging of grapevines in California.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. I haven’t tried much mead before and only supermarket shelf quality, but this mead has convinced me to try more in future and is now possibly my favourite alcoholic drink so far.

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