Beer News (March 31–April 6)


BWJlogoAlright, let’s start with a listicle. Here’s somebody’s idea for beers to recommend to wine snobs. And, here’s a set of maps showing the geography of the most popular beers in the US.

Hops and Hamm’s

British hop farmers are trying to accelerate the time it takes to develop new hops. Hops grow up to 30 ft. (about 9m), but all that gets harvested are the cones. That may change if this report claiming that hop leaves have properties to help fight dental disease is true. In addition, hops may have properties that help combat type II diabetes. And, in abandoned brewery news, a  former Hamm’s plant gets a new life as a tilapia farm.


Beer Bubble

Craft beer sales are up, but does this mean there’s a bubble? Craft brewers are divided on whether the craft brewing industry can continue to grow. This author thinks he knows what is needed for the beer industry to grow — GMO yeast. And the plastics industry thinks they know what make homebreweries tick. Just one word, plastics.



Not to be outdone by the FDA (see last week’s news), Florida has upped the ante for stupid, anti-beer legislation. Distributors want to force brewers to sell them their beer, then have the brewery buy it back from the distributor for on-site sales. Here’s another take on the same story


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