Articles on Brewing Big Beers From Our First Year

birthday-party-suppliesBeer and Wine Journal turned one year old about a month ago. During that time, I’ve posted a couple compilations of articles that ran in our first year, including brewing science stories and articles about all-grain brewing (and, of course, the requisite top 10 list).  Here’s a list of our best articles on brewing strong beers.

Wort Production for Very Big Beers — I lay out the options for producing high-gravity wort using all-grain methods.


Wort Production for Very Big Beers II (Using Malt Extract) — Many times, malt extract is part or all of the formulation of a high gravity wort.


IMG_2935Five Big Beer Fermentation Tips — See if you can decipher the point I’m trying to make in this story.


Five More Big Beer Fermentation Tips — Five (separate!) tips on fermenting very big beers.


Reiterated Mashing — A method for making high-gravity wort inspired by the brewers of Samichlaus and altered and refined as a homebrew technique by me. I also posted my recipe for Mjöllnir, a big, burly beer brewed with this method.


Barleywine — A multi-part series on brewing barleywine. See also my recipes for Hero Barleywine and Sidekick Pale Ale (an American barleywine and a pale ale brewed as a second beer from the grain bed), Briggs-Haldane Barleywine (an English-style barleywine), and James’s Fruitcake Barleywine.


Russian Imperial Stout — A multi-part series on Russian Imperial Stout, and my T-34 RIS recipe.


Making a Second Beer — You can brew a second beer from your grain bed if it has not been fully sparged.


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