Top All-Grain Articles From Our First Year

IMG_1657We published a lot of all-grain articles in our first year, many hitting on some of the biggest questions in all-grain brewing. Here’s a list of our top all-grain brewing articles, running roughly from the beginning of a brew day to the end of one.

Top All-Grain Brewing Articles

Should You Go All-Grain? — Should you take the plunge? We weigh the pros and cons of becoming an all-grain brewer.

Your First All-Grain Beer — What should you brew when you first try all-grain brewing Start easy or jump in the deep end?

All-Grain Brew Day Walkthrough — A series of articles stepping through every procedure in an all-grain brew day.

Malt Conditioning — A quick and simple way to get higher extract efficiency without making lautering harder.

IMG_2946Malt Sieves — Equipment to assess your grain mill output.

A Mash In Option — A method to mash in at the right temperature and evenly wet the grains.

How Long Should You Mash? — Do you need to mash for 60 minutes?

Two Mash Out Options — Options when mashing out.

What Temperature Should Your Sparge Water Be? — It’s not automatically 170 °F (77 °C).

Should You Acidify Your Sparge Water? — The point to sparge water acidification, and why it might not apply to you.

Three Tips for Fly Spargers — Make your process simpler, without losing its effectiveness.

Lautering and the Length of Your Brewday — How much time should you spend lautering? A cost/benefit analysis.

How Much Wort Should Batch Spargers Collect? — Do you know the answer, in gallons per pound of grain (or liters per kilogram)?

IMG_2949What Should Your Pre-Boil Wort Volume Be? — How much wort should you start out with? It all depends on your grain bill.

Drain Your Lauter Tun — Save water by running your grain bed dry. Here’s how.

The Easy Way to Hit the Proper Boil pH — Your pH should drop during the boil; here’s a simple way to make sure it does properly.





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