Welcome to Beer and Wine Journal


Chris Colby, at the Austin ZEALOTS Xmas party. (That’s Mike Simmons of the ZEALOTS with the photobomb behind him.)


Welcome to Beer and Wine Journal, a website devoted to homebrewing and home winemaking. Beer and Wine Journal will be updated everyday with original content about brewing beer and making wine, and will also feature news and commentary on beer and wine from around the web. Although today (Monday, June 24th) is our launch day, we already have a week’s worth of material posted for you to browse. In the future we will be covering hombrewing and home winemaking ingredients, recipes, equipment and procedures. So come back often and see what’s new. Likewise, if there’s something you would like to see us cover, please let us know.

James Spencer (left) and Steve Wilkes (right) are ready to pitch that yeast starter and happy that nobody can tell they aren’t wearing pants.

Beer and Wine Journal is a joint project of Chris Colby (formerly BYO/WineMaker), James Spencer (Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video) and Steve Wilkes (Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video).


  1. Chuck Brockmann says

    Hi guys!

    I like the new website and the new format! How often do you plan new updates?

  2. Chris Colby says

    We will post new content every day. There will be at least one post dealing with homebrewing or home winemaking, and likely additional bits of news, commentary, opinion or humor. We will also occasionally post stories on mead or cider, and likewise all three of us love to grill so expect some beer and grilling posts occasionally. In the end, the content will be driven by what our readers respond to or request the most of.

  3. Great new website! I look forward to checking it out every dat.

  4. Bon voyage gentlemen!

  5. Art Hoffman says

    Looking forward to reading your new content on homebrewing every day!!!

  6. I’m really enjoying what I’ve read so far. I’ve been a fan of your joint projects (Chris, Steve and James) in the past. Hopefully I will get to participate in some future experiments.

  7. Steven Crosby says

    Looks like a great website…I only hope this doesn’t spell the end of Basic Brewing Radio & Video.

    • Definitely not the end for Basic Brewing. Look for collaborations in the future. We’re in Philly this week gathering material for the podcasts as well as the new site. Cheers!

  8. Great to see another project from James and Chris who have given so much to homebrewers over the years. Into my RSS reader you go! 🙂

  9. I’m glad I found this website today. I have been wondering why Chris Colby’s name had disappeared from the pages of BYO magazine.

    Huge fan of the work you guys do. Have added into my RSS reader, looking forward to the read!


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