Beer News (April 29–May 4)

BWJlogoSo, the Kentucky Derby was run this week. But for beer drinkers, perhaps the important most important race was this one — the setting of the new beer mile world record.

For years, craft brewing has shown strong growth. However, it’s not the fastest growing alcoholic beverage, this year, cider is. (And the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Minnesota is getting an influx of new cider brands.) And, some breweries are branching out into more expensive, “luxury” offerings.


Around the World

In Russia, a proposed WWII-themed beer is nixed by their government. While in Canada, you’ll no longer be able to get contract brewed beers at beer festivals. In England, a long-time brewer for Brains retires. And back in the United States, Sierra Nevada is expanding it’s barley plantings.


Trappist IPA?

And finally, a little comedy — Trappist brewers decide to give into trends and label all their beers IPA. This was actually posted a couple weeks ago, but I missed it then.


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