Beer News (April 21–28)

BWJlogoSo there’s a craft brew festival for nudists scheduled. Oh good, an opportunity to see a bunch of fat, bearded dudes naked. Can I wear a blindfold?

A company has announced that is is releasing “powdered alcohol,” and bunch of people flipped out. First of all, it’s not powdered alcohol. Alcohol is only a solid at very cold temperatures or crushing pressures. At room temperature, it’s a liquid. And if you “dehydrate it,” it turns into acetaldehyde, which is a gas at “room temperature.” 

The “powdered alcohol” is really alcohol mixed with some powder that has absorbed the alcohol. Some folks flipped out over the idea of kids snorting it and getting super drunk. However, you need about 100 mL of the powder to equal a shot of booze, so the idea that people will snort enough of it to get drunk just isn’t realistic.

Esquire ran a story on Jim Koch that is highly suspect. The author claims that Koch claims that eating brewers yeast while detoxify the alcohol from the beers you consume. This is supposed because of the ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase) enzyme that yeast have. Yeast do have ADH. However, if brewers yeast would convert ethanol to acetaldehyde in your stomach fast enough to limit the effects of alcohol during an evening of drinking, how would beer have any alcohol left in it ever? But don’t worry, some “expert” is now claiming that drinking 13 “units” of alcohol a day is healthy.

The “Food Babe’s” “ideas” about beer will not seem to die. Posts based on her idiotic article continue to circulate on social media about the supposed dangers of various beers. Fortunately, there are increasingly a lot of well-written articles debunking this.

So, this week, few people seemed to have their facts straight. To top it off, one guy argued that sometimes, we should get our facts wrong. His argument was that the debunked story of the origin of IPAs was more useful than the actual events. It’s an interesting argument. Wrong, but interesting.

Finally, in a reasonable, fact-filled article, Scientific American discusses the sustainability of beer brewing. Also, there’s a new homebrewing magazine on newstands. Oh, and college students are killing rats in exchange for beer.


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