Beer News (June 2–8)


Instead of the usual listicle to kick things off, here’s an interesting map from the Washington Post — the relative proportion of bars vs. grocery stores across the US.


Gassy, Visible in the Night Sky, and Yet to Be Probed by Man

Bell’s Brewery is about to debut a series of beers based on Gustov Holst’s orchestral suite “The Planets”. Get ready for the Uranus jokes.


Gloom, Doom, and Godzilla

Is the end of craft beer in sight? Some author from Entrepeneur — who apparently doesn’t understand that, although the cost of ingredients is going up, beer is still very affordable — thinks so. More worrisome is the affect that global warming may have on the brewing industry in the near future. It won’t be the end of craft beer, but some adjustments may be needed. So, the brewing industry is under attack from economics and climate? It could be worse — at least there haven’t been any Godzilla attacks. What? There was a Godzilla attack? I stand corrected.


Shandy and Raspberry Pi

Leinenkugel has released a wildy popular shandy — why aren’t other breweries following suit? As flavored beers go, I think shandy has a place. (I garden in Texas, in the summer, so don’t judge.) Some “beers,” however, shouldn’t be. For example, how about beef or chicken-flavored beer for dogs? And, here’s a way to add Raspberry Pi to your brewing


The Scene

The Boston Globe has a story on an author who wrote about the American beer industry. And, Smithsonian describes DC’s emerging craft beer scene.


Put the Beer Down

Beer is great, but sometimes it’s time to get home safely and sleep it off. Here’s one guy that missed this idea by that much. And another guy who should have listened.



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