Beer News (May25–June 1)

BWJlogoI’ll start with some sad news. The founder of Rogue Ales, Jack Joyce, has died. Joyce started out as an executive for Nike shoes before founding the now iconic Oregon brewing company back 1988.


In England, a brewery almost lost its signature yeast strain, but was saved by a yeast vault. In Australia, scientists could be making beer better — although from the description in this article, it’s hard to tell how. (I have a PhD in biology and took graduate level courses in molecular biology, and — from reading between the lines — I think what they are describing is synthesizing a yeast chromosome from scratch. If so, neat, but don’t hold your breath for beer changing markedly any time soon.)


Spent Grain and Haze

In this Boston Globe article, they describe how brewers are finding alternate uses for spent grains. And, the LA Times ran a story on how haze isn’t always bad.


How to Sell Beer

If you’re interested in opening a brewery, The Atlantic has some advice on how to sell beer.


How Not to Sell Beer

If you do open a brewery, you might want to avoid doing what this Scottish brewery did — selling beer labelled as 65% ABV when it was really only 15%. (I guess they thought, “Hey, what 50% ABV between friends?”)


Getting and Losing Jobs Because of Beer

Business Insider has a story on how women brewmasters get ahead in the brewing industry. (As it turns out, they are educated and work hard. I wonder if that would work for men?) In contrast, Gizmodo relates the tale of a college professor who lost his job when his face appeared on a beer can.


Bogus and Better

A brewery has to change its name, and the reason is totally Bogus. And, South Carolina now looks like it actually wants breweries in it’s state.


Lagunitas Houses German Construction Workers

Lagunitas is treating their foreign workers, here to help complete construction on their new brewery, right. They’ve renovated a building for them to stay in.


Michael Jackson

And finally, here’s a bunch of guys playing a Michael Jackson song on beer bottles. I’d say “enjoy,” but I’m pretty sure that’s not the right word.


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