Beer News (May 19–25)


OK, let’s start with a “listicle” (an article that’s basically just a list) that tells us what we want to hear — the health benefits of beer. And here’s a listicle I missed (a missticle?) from April, somebody’s list of the best cities for beer. And dude, I totally agree with you. [Your town] should have made the list. I mean, what were they thinking?

Science and Technology

The New York Times has a nice writeup on a project that White Labs is undertaking with Belgian researchers — sequencing the DNA of brewers yeast strains to create a phylogeny (“family tree”) of them. A brewery in England goes solar. Heineken rolls out what is essentially a jockey box for bars. A group of Danish inventors do them one better, figuring how to keep beer cold without electricity — their solution? Bury it.


Hops and Homebrewers

New York used to be a major hop growing region, and — in part due to the rising cost of hops — it may be again. The Times Union reports on hop farms opening in New York state. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel attributes part of the success of Wisconsin craft brewing to the thriving homebrewing scene. And a Pennsylvania brewery is abuzz with the news of what it found inside its walls. (I think they missed out on the opportunity to add a meadery to their business.)



South Carolina can’t quite decide if they want to pass a law so modern craft breweries can thrive in their state. A writer from the Boston Herald visits Bamberg, Germany and discovers Weyermann MaltingAnd finally, want open a successful craft brewery? The Atlantic thinks it knows what it takes to succeed in modern craft brewing.



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