Top Stories of 2013


Before we welcome in 2014, let’s say goodbye to 2013.

Beer and Wine Journal went live on June 24th of this year. Since then, we’ve posted over 220 articles on beer, mead and wine. We’ve got big plans for 2014, but — for a few more hours — it’s still 2013. So, before we turn the page on our calendars, here’s a look back at our top 25 stories of 2013 (ranked by popularity).


Adding grain, or "doughing in" with a bag-lined kettle

Adding grain, or “doughing in” with a bag-lined kettle

1.) Brew in a Bag Basics

2.) 15-minute Pale Ale

3.) Jester King Gotlandsdricka clone

4.) Staggered Nutrient Additions in Mead Making

5.) Simple 3-gallon All-Grain Brewing

6.) IPA Experiment

7.) 5 More Big Beer Fermentation Tips

8.) Pumpkin Ale Recipe

9.) Quickly Maturing Ale Recipe: Have Beer Ready in 7 Days

10.) Spur of the Moment “Saison”

11.) American Hoppy Ales: Chloride to Sulfate Ratio

12.) Rye Wit” Session Beer


You can make 3-gallons of all-grain wort with this.

13.) Fossil Cove Mash Experiment

14.) 100% Rye Pale Ale – Take Two

15.) A Simple Sour Beer

16.) Wet T-shirt Cooling In Depth

17.) Add Base Malts to Your Extract Beers

18.) Colby House Porter

19.) Thoughts About Club Night

20.) American Hoppy Ales: Introduction

21.) Aeration Tips

22.) Dive into Mead Making

23.) Amercian Hoppy Ales: Malts and The Grain Bill

24.) Harvesting Arkansas Cascades

25.) Brew Your Winter Warmer Now


See you in 2014!






James (left), with Steve Wilkes.




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