Top 10 Stories of 2015

BWJlogoThe new year is right around the corner. I have a whole bunch of (hopefully) cool things planned for Beer and Wine Journal (BWJ) in 2016. Also. James and I will be attending the first ever New Zealand National Homebrew Conference in March, and we’re also planning on the attending the NHC here in the US, too. In October, I’ll have a book out. (I’m psyched; I think it’s going to be cool.) I’ve also got some video segments shot, and — once I figure out how to edit them — you can see me demonstrate some of the techniques I’ve discussed here. Plus, I’m hoping to get more deeply into discussing homebrew science, while still covering homebrew topics relevant to all homebrewers.

But first, here are the BWJ articles that were read the most in 2015. There are no Star Wars spoilers in this article. But, there is one Walking Dead spoiler — Glenn hid under the dumpster and the zombies didn’t eat him. Ha! I told you so. 

1. ) IPAs Are Not Giving You Man Boobs

This article was a response to a poorly researched article on a website called Munchies. Essentially, it claimed that hops contain phytoestrogens (which is true), and therefore contribute to gynecoomastia — breast development in males. What the article ignored was whether the phytoestrogens carried over into beer, and at what concentration, and did they demonstrate an effect clinically. You know, the science. Anyway, enjoy an IPA with this article.


2.) Five Reasons Your Homebrew Doesn’t Suck

Esquire published an article entitled “Why Nobody Actually Wants to Drink Your Home-Brewed Beer.” This was my response to the author.


3.) It’s Time to Stop Using the Term “Craft Beer”

In 2015, we saw big breweries gobble up a steady stream of small breweries, leading to them suddenly not qualifying to use the descriptor “craft” (at least by BA’s definition). I argued that it’s time to lose the term as it has become meaningless.


4.) Declining Extract Efficiency at Higher Original Gravities

Ever wonder why your extract efficiency takes a hit when you brew bigger beers? Here’s the reason.


5.) Ten-Gallon BIAB Cream Ale Brew Day

James describes a 10-gallon (38-L) BIAB brew day.


6.) Pumpkin Peach Tripel

A response to the Bud ad during last year’s Superbowl, equating all homebrewers with hipsters.


7.) Handy Homebrew Equation

Ever wonder what your original gravity (OG) is going to be, based on your pre-boil wort gravity and volume? Ever wonder what your ABV would be if you added some distilled spirits to your beer? There’s a simple equation that can tell you.


8.) All-Grain Pale Ale 30-Minute Boil Experiments

Do you really need to boil your wort for 60 (or 90) minutes? James discusses experiments meant to test this idea.


9.) Brew Safely, Everyone

I discuss a possible safety threat to homebrewers. It’s not likely, but the consequences are high, so I think it’s worth listening to.


10.) Firefly ESB

A recipe for a strong bitter.


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