Top 10 Stories of 2015

BWJlogoThe new year is right around the corner. I have a whole bunch of (hopefully) cool things planned for Beer and Wine Journal (BWJ) in 2016. Also. James and I will be attending the first ever New Zealand National Homebrew Conference in March, and we’re also planning on the attending the NHC here in the US, too. In October, I’ll have a book out. (I’m psyched; I think it’s going to be cool.) I’ve also got some video segments shot, and — once I figure out how to edit them — you can see me demonstrate some of the techniques I’ve discussed here. Plus, I’m hoping to get more deeply into discussing homebrew science, while still covering homebrew topics relevant to all homebrewers.

But first, here are the BWJ articles that were read the most in 2015. There are no Star Wars spoilers in this article. But, there is one Walking Dead spoiler — Glenn hid under the dumpster and the zombies didn’t eat him. Ha! I told you so.  [Read more…]

Top 10 Articles From Our First Year

birthday-party-suppliesTo celebrate our first year of existence, I’m pulling together some lists of articles we’ve published and I’ll post them throughout the week. I’ll have lists of articles for extract brewers. all-grain brewers, hop lovers, and more. Today, I’ll start with the obvious list. Here’s our most-read articles from our first year of publication.

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