Beer News (Dec 16-Jan 7)


This graphic? Again?

OK, here’s our first post of 2015. Let’s start with a listicle (an article in the form of a list). Here are the most influential beer websites in the world, as ranked by popularity. It’s an interesting mix of commercial beer sites, craft brew enthusiast sites, and one homebrewing retailer. Of course, if they had a list of beer websites with the most intelligent and best educated readers (and most pandering editor), it would be this site. Am I right? Continuing with lists, Meadist issued their list of the top 5 meads. (See, Beer and Wine Journal does cover wine as well as beer.)

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Beer News (May 4–11)

BWJlogoAlright, let’s start with a couple “listicles” (articles that are really just a list). The website Hiconsumption gave what it felt were the 15 best canned beers. Yahoo Travel listed 5 cities in which to find a perfect pint. And finally, Buzzfeed presented a list of breweries “that you should know about.

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