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OK, it’s been awhile since I’ve compiled an installment of Beer News. Of course, you’ve all heard the Big News[tm] — Anheuser-Busch Inbev’s acquisition of SABMiller. I’ve got a whole bunch of articles collected and will post a separate update about that development, including various people speculating on how this will affect craft breweries. Prior to this huge news, was there was the much smaller news that AB-Inbev acquired Golden Road.

So, with that out of the way, why not start out with a couple listicles? If you’re into pumpkin beers, Popsugar has ranked 12 of them. And, for some reason, FOX News has decided that these beers shouldn’t exist.

A recent report claims that if you like beer, or other bitter foods or drinks, you may be a psycho. And speaking of drivel, heres an article that supposedly tells what you’re like, based on whether your prefer wine, beer, or cannabis — sort of like astrology, only less accurate. 

Craft beer’s credibility (from a market standpoint) is called into question by recent brewers selling out. Is it time to sell (craft beer stock)? In a related article, Stephen Beaumont asks “sellout” breweries to cut the crap. In a another article by Beaumont, he discusses if brewery buyouts matter. For these reasons and others, craft may not be the selling point it once was. In fact, this brewery would prefer not to be labelled as craft.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that specially engineered strains of brewers yeast could produce morphine. Now, it appears that brewers yeast can make THC, too. (The NYT wrote about this as well.)

A group of sommeliers — they’re like cicerones, except for wine (pause for laughter, and . . . ) — gives their recommendations for wine and weed pairings.

An update on this year’s hop crop. And, a later update on this year’s hop crop. This year’s malting barley crop in the EU looks good, too.

Laces out. The Miami Dolphin’s punter is a homebrewer. And speaking of homebrewers, these two homebrewing families got together and built their own pub.

Is the geography of craft beer changing in the US? Here’s a graph of GABF biggest winners by state over the past 5 years.

There are now 4,000 breweries in the US. The high point prior to Prohibition was 4,131. Do you want to start a brewery? CBS Marketwatch says this is how you should do it.

Finally, here’s an article that’s fake, but funny.

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