Beer News (Feb 18–23)


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Last week, I kicked off the news roundup with a reminder that brewing can be hazardous. Here’s a good article that outlines the various dangers of brewing, from Chicago’s Solemn Oath brewery. This mostly applies to brewing on a commercial scale, but some of it translates to homebrewers. And, what compilation of beer news is complete without some sort of listicle? Here’s the 5 beers you must try for New York City’s Beer Week, according to Gothamist. Also, here’s a list of spring seasonal beers being released in the United States.

Tracking and Taxing Beer

Wondering where all your beer went? Want to plan when you’ll need to brew the next batch to keep the kegerator full? Maybe you need a kegbot monitoring your beer. On the other hand, you probably don’t want this official from the Maldives tracking your beer.

If you live in the US, do you ever wonder how much of your beer money is going to taxes? If so, here’s an infographic showing the tax rate on beer by state. The taxes on wine and spirits is also shown.



The hop industry changed after the shortage of 2008. Here’s an article describing the impact that small hop farms are having on the hop industry. And here’s a Forbes article on how Sierra Nevada is “winning the hops war” — something they never explain in the article.


Vaginas, Ice Cream, and Wil Wheaton

From the “ewwww” files, the folks at Jezebel published this article on whether women could brew beer from the yeast in their vaginas. (No. No, they can’t.) Yuengling’s ice cream returns the east coast of the US, although the ice cream maker is not affiliated with the brewery. And finally, if you’ve always wished that Wesley Crusher (from Star Trek: TNG) would formulate a homebrew recipe for you, someone has made it so. You can get a Wil Wheaton beer kit from Northern Brewer.



  1. Probably just old fashion, but SN pale ale is what I judge all other american pale ales by.

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