Beer News (Jan. 11–18)

There are scads of  “best beers in the world” lists out there. You’ve probably seen and disagreed with many. Here’s a top 5 beers in the world list that almost everyone agrees with. Turning to science, archaeologists pillage some Viking graves, then make themselves useful by formulating a reconstruction of ancient Scandinavian grog. (Dogfish Head brews a version of it.) Speaking of things Nordic, remember that whale beer (from last week’s news compilation)? Well, forget it, you can’t drink it.



In Denver, a brewery makes a playoff beer . . . and now you can’t get it. Speaking of not getting it, here’s a story on what Peyton Manning likes to drink


Not Football

If you want something to do besides brewing, you can put your creative impulses to work and make a film for New Belgium. Or, you could take a free Chemistry of Beer course online. (It’s already started, but you’ll catch up.) And finally, Stone’s Greg Koch is taking a sabbatical to go off the communications grid. First step? Alert the media.


And finally, here’s how hipsters order beer:

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