Wednesday Time Waster


Beer and Wine Word Find

Here’s a little something to help you kill some time today, a word find. Hidden in this block of letters are a variety of terms relevant to brewing, and a couple wine-related terms.

Words can be placed horizontally and read left to right or right to left. Words can be placed vertically and read down or up. And words can be placed diagonally and spelled in either direction. A few common acronyms are in the puzzle, as are a couple common prefixes or suffixes. Diacritical marks, such as the two dots in an umlaut, can be placed if needed to spell a word correctly (and that vowel can be used in another direction without modification). All of the words are in English, or are non-English terms (mostly German) commonly used in brewing. All the letters are lowercase, even though some of the words may be proper nouns. A few short phrases or compound words appear. A few common words appear, but the idea is to find the brewing-related terms. I’ll post the solution on Friday.

Click on the picture for a larger view. For best results, print it out and circle the words. (Do not write on your computer screen.)

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