Making Malty Beers (II: Process)


Munich malt

In the first half of this article, I discussed specific malts that confer an abundance of base-malt-type malt character to a beer. Choosing the right grain bill for a malty beer is most of the battle. However, how you brew your beer will determine if you get the most from your malts.

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Tannins in the Mash


Too much tannin your beer can give it an iced-tea like puckering character.

Tannins are polyphenols found in a wide variety of plants, distributed among various tissues. In a later article, I’ll discuss the basic chemistry of the tannins relevant to brewing. (The types of tannins that end up in beer from the malt are different from those that originate in the hops.) In this article, however, we’ll treat them as a group because they are all related chemically, the factors that affect them are the same, and the consequences if they get in your beer are the same. I’ll discuss tannins extracted in the mash today, and cover tannins in the boil over the weekend.

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