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James and I appeared on an episode of the podcast Gervarpið recently, discussing my Fimbulvinter Øl (winter warmer) and his Fruitcake Barleywine. The show, made by two Icelandic homebrewers, has an Icelandic intro, but the interview is in English.

This reminded me that, back in September (2013), I did a podcast interview for the Final Gravity podcast, discussing brewing big beers.

And of course, James’s podcasts (Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video) has featured several episodes with tie-ins to Beer and Wine Journal content (or vice versa), including episodes devoted to the James’ sour mash beer brewed at Fossil Cove, hoppy pale ales, German wheat beers, our IPA experiment resultsbrewing barleywines and his Fruitcake Barleywine. A full list of recent Basic Brewing Radio shows can be found here. Recent Basic Brewing Viedo shows can be found here. (The related Beer and Wine Journal articles are listed below.)

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