Beer News (Jan 28–Feb 9)

BWJlogoI’ll start this compilation of beer news with some science. Popular Science published an article describing the differences between a lager  and an ale, complete with a mini-review of the origins of lager yeast.

Are you thinking of starting a brewery? Here is what current brewers wished they knew about opening a brewery. You’d have competition, but according to the website Perfect Pint, not as much as some sources claim.

No week in beer news is complete without some sort of list, so here’s a list of breakfast beers. Think of them as fermented Grape Nuts.

Also, it’s been cold here in the US recently. How cold was it? It was so cold, railroad workers had to work extra hard to ensure trainloads of beer didn’t freeze

Free Beer!

A pub is opening in Ireland where the beer is free . . . if you don’t count listening to wishy-washy political theories as a cost. Speaking of the cost of beer, here’s an article that purports to explain why craft beer is so expensive. Of course, one reason the price the beer can go up is if breweries engage in price fixing, which happened in Germany. But price fixing isn’t the only stupid thing the big guys are doing, they’re full of bad ideas. For example, how about a beer promoted as being served in a rocks glass?



Since this is Beer and Wine Journal, here’s a neat infographic on how wine processes affect flavor .


Humor, Or An Attempt At It

Finally, I’ll leave you with this, Thrillist’s guide to what your beer says about you.


  1. Paul Galardy says


    My friend Randall and I were at BU (undergrads) at the same time, and actually met you there! Time has flown! Times at the Sunset Grill and Cornwalls pub cemented my interests in craft beer as well. The one I miss is actually the Sam Adams Boston Ale. I always found it tastier than the lager, yet it’s gone. Oh well, probably not as good as I remember it anyway.

    Thanks for all you do for craft and home brewing!

    • Chris Colby says

      Sam Adams Boston Ale was fantastic back in the day! I think it’s still around as a seasonal or occasional offering, but it doesn’t seem as hoppy to me as it once did. (I don’t know if that’s because I’m used to IPAs and double IPAs or if they toned it down.)
      I also miss Harpoon Golden Lager and the beers from Catamount.

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