Hey, Porter!


Porter against a backdrop of sweet corn . . . because I like sweet corn, that’s why.

We will be featuring homebrew recipes regularly on Beer and Wine Journal. Today’s homebrew recipe is for my favorite porter, which I call Colby House Porter. This is a porter I have brewed, in one form or the other, over 25 times. It is a robust porter with a hint of molasses. (If you don’t tell anyone about the molasses, they probably won’t pick it up.) The first time I brewed it, back in 1991, the recipe was a slight alteration of a bock recipe from Charlie Papazian’s book. From there I’ve tweaked and retweaked it to my liking. The dark grains and hops are nicely balanced for a delicious aroma, full-flavor and very drinkable beer. This, along with my pale ale, is one my “go-to” beers that I try to have on tap as often as possible. I have posted the recipe with several options — the original all-grain recipe (in English and metric units), plus two versions of the recipe converted for malt extract brewers, extract (English units) and extract (metric units).

If you have a recipe you’d like to submit, sent it — and the story that goes along with it — to chris@beerandwinejournal.com.


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