Beer News (Jan. 19–27)

BWJlogoHere are some of the beer stories that made news last week.

New Releases

The Jelly Belly Candy Company is releasing a hefeweizen-flavored jelly bean. Oscar Blues is releasing a giant can. (Might it be used for beer-can turkey?)


The Craft Beer Boom

New breweries are cropping up faster than anyone can keep track of, and some major craft breweries are also expanding, including Avery and Victory. Brewing is booming in Texas, as new laws went into effect that benefit brewers. (That last article was from January of this year.)


A Riddle

What kind of a dick steals fermenters? The kind that goes to jail. Ha ha!



Scientists tackle one of the greatest questions of our time — why is my beer gushing when I slam the bottle down on the table? And, if want to compare the properties of different hop varieties, consult this cool chart.


Beer Pouring

And finally, are you like me? Have you brewed beer for years, but never figured out how to get it into a glass? Is what you really need a 5-minute video on how to pour a beer? If so, here you go.


  1. Just what we need, 4 minutes of sleep and 1 minute of beer pouring.

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