April Fools Roundup


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It was April Fools Day on Wednesday. Every year, many breweries post press releases on April Fools Day announcing a spoof beer or some other prank. This year, I’ve collected some the best here. But first, there were some beer stories on the web that were not April Fools jokes. For example, someone felt it necessary to point out that these five beers are real. Also, apparently someone decided to make a dress out of beer and bacteria and announce it around April 1st. 

So, here — with minimal introduction — are some of the best April Fool’s gags this year. If I’ve missed anything particularly good (and I’m sure I have), post the link in the comments section. I did see a gag Shiner beer announcement, but now can’t find it.


Innis and Gunn

This was my favorite spoof this year — in situ oak aging from Innis and Gunn.



Like session alkes? Try Schmalz’s Circum Session Ale.


Lost Rhino

As craft brewers get increasingly litigious, here’s some legalese from Lost Rhino.


Two from Michigan

Two Michigan breweries release April Fools brews.


It’s Been Done IPA

Here’s an announcement from a brewery that obviously missed last year’s Sam Adam’s prank beer.


Great Lakes

Here’s Great Lakes’ April Fools beer — I wonder if it’s dry porked?


Jester King

The return of Black Metal! (Click here and scroll down.)


Round Up

And, a bunch more.



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